Artwork Restoration

Gregor Turk’s “John Lewis Ride to Freedom”

The OCA’s Public Art Conservation and Maintenance Team recently restored the “John Lewis Ride to Freedom” mural by artist Gregor Turk, located in the John Lewis Plaza.

The mural was treated and cleaned by conservation technicians to beautify the path, and restore the monument to its former glory.

Gregor Turk’s visual work often incorporates mapping imagery, utilizing a variety of media to focus on the fundamental qualities of mapping: its mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, and its ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality. For public projects, Turk incorporates elements of place and place-making into the design and concept of the commissioned work. His extensive experience includes serving as the former Public Art Coordinator for Fulton County, a board member for a grassroots public art organization, a panelist for numerous public art projects including an airport expansion, a mayoral-appointed advisor for the City of Atlanta’s public art program, and a college arts educator in sculpture.