OCA’s Conservation and Maintenance Team Restores Quilt Traditions

The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ recently restored the internationally renowned artwork called “Quilt Traditions” or as it is commonly referred to in the City’s skateboarding community “Black Blocks”.

Located on the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Baker Street, this collaborative piece, designed by a collective of female artists, is one of the City’s most dynamic public artworks. Each artist designed a different geometric pattern for the eight-pointed sunshade structure, which creates shifting shadow patterns on the concrete that corresponds with the movement of the sun.

As of April 6, previously removed skate deterrents were replaced to discourage rough treatment of the structures and to protect the integrity of the artwork. Graffiti markings were removed and the installation cleaned to restore the high-contrast nature of the work for the enjoyment of commuters and pedestrians alike.

The site receives regular treatment to honor the artists’ original intent. Special thanks to the Atlanta Public Space Team for their assistance with graffiti removal from the site. With this sort of community support, it allows us to maximize our resources and provide care to all our cultural beacons.