Vollis Simpson
Mild steel, paint

Vollis Simpson built his first whirligig while stationed in Saipan, Mariana Islands during World War II, but this was no ornamental whirligig; it served a practical purpose: powering a washing machine. Back at home in Lucama, NC, Simpson began creating whirligigs to power his home heating system. Years later, Simpson came to appreciate whirligigs for their less practical qualities. Using scraps from his machine repair shop, Simpson began fashioning whirligigs just to see how they would move in the wind. Eventually he began to call them windmills, and filled his NC farm home with his whimsical creations. His unique whirligigs caught national attention. Simpson was commissioned to create these whirligig pieces for the Atlanta 1996 Olympics.

Folk Art Park
Courtland Ave Bridge and Ralph McGill Ave
Atlanta, GA 30308