Steven Weitzman’s
West End Atlanta Historic Walk

Maryland based artist, Steven Weitzman, was commissioned by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program to create a Historic Walk in the West End Atlanta community. The artwalk, constructed of full-color FOTERA structural concrete murals and specialty pavers, is inserted into the north sidewalk on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard between Lee and Lowery Streets. Stretching nearly the length of two football fields, the artwalk  tell the story of the West End community.

Overview of Historic Walk Panels
The following is a list of the themes for the Historic Walk. They are listed in their current order, from the Lee Street/RDA Boulevard intersection to the RDA Boulevard/Lowery Boulevard intersection.

Plaza Panel: Original White Hall tavern and Inn
Panel 1: “West End – White Hall Historic Walk 1999” marker, highlighting West End’s designation in the National Registry of Historic Places
Panel 2: MARTA
Panel 3: West End Restoration Project
Panel 4: West Hunter Baptist Church
Panel 5: Joseph E. Brown School
Panel 6: Invention of the Automobile and the development in the West End
Panel 7: St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
Panel 8: Wrens Nest
Panel 9: West End Fire Station and the 1894 Annexation
Panel 10: Historic Trolley
Panel 11: Hammonds House
Panel 12: Creation of three primary schools: 1) Atlanta Baptist Seminary, 2) Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, and 3) Atlanta University
Panel 13: The Railroad and Origins of White Hall
Panel 14: Trail of Tears
Panel 15: “West End – White Hall Historic Walk 1835” marker, highlighting original White Hall tavern