Emma Amos
Ceramic mosaics, bronze, concrete, wood, marble, semiprecious stones

The Abernathy Memorial is a tribute to the famous Civil Rights leader and activist, Ralph David Abernathy. It is also a reflection of the residential community of Mechanicsville. Comprised of four site installations, the memorial reflects aspects of Dr. Abernathy’s life and work, as well as the history of the neighborhood. A bronze pulpit chair and lectern depict the religious life of Dr. Abernathy, the crumbling wall symbolizes his political accomplishments in breaking down barriers, and the mosaic sofa represents his family life. Pathways and mosaics bring together these distinct components. The memorial is part of the larger Abernathy Square, which is a gathering spot and retail/community center for Mechanicsville.

This installation is an assemblage of benches and mosaic plaques. One seating component includes a bronze platform chair adjacent to a lectern all on a circular concrete base decorated with foliage and plaques. Another seating component displays a bench covered in mosaic painting and sits next to a columnar table. The artist used a wide variety of mediums comprising of wood, bronze, concrete, marble, and stone.
Artist Emma Amos is a painter, printmaker, and weaver.She is interested in the power play between races and classes of people and seeks to expose the prejudices in various aspects of the art world.


Ralph David Abernathy Memorial Park
Formwalt Street and Abernathy Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30312