Deborah Wian Whitehouse
Digital photograph

This series of 4 large underwater photomurals explores the character of children who frequent their community pool and celebrates the joy that being in the water engenders. The mural reflects the essence of this community back to itself through images of these children. When children see the murals they often say “That’s me.” Even if it isn’t their likeness, the emotional and spiritual connection is expressed. “Water Spirits” received an Urban Design Award from the City of Atlanta and was featured in Art in America and Public Art Review. – Deborah Whitehouse

Deborah Whitehouse began her artistic career as a documentary film maker. In the 1990s, Whitehouse expanded her photography into large public art photomurals that honor international diversity and cultural expression. Her works have been honored with awards from the Urban Design Commission and the Atlanta City Council.

JH Kennedy Swimming Pool
225 James P Brawley Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30314