Zachary Coffin
Galvanized steel, stainless steel, granite boulders

Horn Section evokes the musical memorial that the name of Cleopas Johnson Park represents. The park was named after an influential band teacher at Morris Brown College. True to form for sculptor Zachary Coffin, the metal, 37 foot tall work has horn features that move kinetically with the wind.

Zachary Coffin is a sculptor who works primarily in interactive kinetic pieces. Coffin began making art as a photographer, and worked as a photojournalist for 3  years straight out of high school. He later attended to Cooper Union and earned a BFA. Working in commercial construction, Coffin honed a broad set of skills that contributed to his talent for sculpture. Since quitting his job in commercial construction, Coffin has lived and worked on sculptures in Birmingham, Atlanta and Switzerland, and has taught summer sculpture courses in Istanbul.

Cleopas Johnson Park
Northside Dr and Fair St SW
Atlanta, GA 30314