John Riddle
Reinforced concrete

Abstract sculpture made with square concrete columns. The main column is adorned with symbolic designs of the Adrinka printing stamps. These designs are from the West African region of Ghana and include a moon, a musical instrument, a gear shape, and other abstract designs. The sculpture includes a bench. Its inscription reads, “Spirit Bench. Think the best. God will do the rest.”

Sculptor John T. Riddle, Jr. created the piece. He was a sculptor, painter, and printmaker. Riddle taught at Spelman College and served as Executive Director of Atlanta’s Neighborhood Art Center, Inc. He was also the Assistant Director of the Atlanta Civic Center for 15 years. Riddle returned to Los Angeles in 1999 to the position of Program Manager of Visual Arts for the California African American Museum. Riddle’s works can now be found in the private, public, and museum collections across the U.S.
Arthur Langford Park
211 Thornton St.
Atlanta, GA 30315