Arturo Lindsay
Painted aluminum and bronze

Decorative exterior railings and medallions on the Municipal Courthouse feature Yoruba symbols of eyes and lightning bolts, which represent the overseeing of crossroads and justice respectively.

Courthouses are essentially crossroads– public places where issues of social justice are adjudicated, and where fundamental changes dramatically altering the future direction of our lives can occur. In response, I have drawn upon the mythology of the Yoruba, a West African civilization taht has contributed greatly to the cultural traditions of the United States and all of the Americas. Two Yoruba deities known as “orishas” speak to the courthouse’s purpose and daily activities: Orisha Eshu-Elegba, the guardian of crossroads; and Shango, the orisha in charge of social justice. Both are referenced in my designs.”

Artist-scholar originally from Panama who researches African spiritual and aesthetic retentions in contemporary America. His findings manifest themselves both in his artwork and scholarly articles. Professor of Art and Art History at Spelman College.The artist is especially interested in the cultural mixing present in Latin America, especially in his home country of Panama. He owns a studio in Portobelo and is in process of creating an artist and student colony there for artists of all nations.

City Court of Atlanta
150 Garnett St SW
Atlanta, GA 30303