Richard Taylor 


Painted Aluminum 

Richard Taylor’s work often finds inspiration in music and poetry – transforming those emotional experiences into sculptural meditations. His large-scale painted steel sculptures are reflections of places that the artist has lived or visited. These works, considered by the artist to be a blend of painting and sculpture, represent the essence of time as defined by memory. Mr. Taylor also creates paintings on metal that address questions and observations of the traveler, using objects collected during his travels to serve as metaphors for journey’s of the “collective spirit”.

The River Sings was inspired by its intended setting in the Riverside Community in Northwest Atlanta. Various elements within the sculpture refer to the flow of the river, the twists and ox-bows of the river and the mingling of waves and currents. Other shapes suggest the blades of a plantation’s windmill, the shapes of leaves and of farm implements. The blue color recalls water, sky, and the tranquility and infinity of these components of our world. The verticality of the piece shows the power of a river’s flow, that it may also rise in its ability to carry us in any direction if we are open to new directions.

Originally created for temporary exhibition at Hardy Ivy Park, River Sings has since been moved to Atlanta’s Fire Station 28.

“My work allows the cadences, rhythms and syncopations of music and poetry to find themselves in visual expressions in paint, metal and space.”

-Richard Taylor
Fire Station 28
1925 Hollywood Road
Atlanta, GA 30318