Stephanie Gassman

PVC board, paint, wood

Reach for the Stars is a wall relief installation inspired by the Thomasville Recreation Center’s alternate name: “Center of Hope.” The installation depicts the Center’s mantra “Reach for the Stars” along with members of the community reaching for and interacting with images of stars. Various recreational activities are represented, including music, art, and sports. Artist Stephanie Gassman states, “The most important feature of life in this center is represented by a young man reading a book, and leaning against the word ‘hope.’ A great education is the goal of the comprehensive after-school program. The image of the world reminds students to think globally. The multi-color books over the word ‘hope’ represent an infinite variety of career paths.”

Gassman’s artworks range from subtle and cryptic to dynamic and straightforward. Most of Gassman’s pieces are commissioned by companies, hospitals, universities or government programs, and are designed to meet the desires of her clients while creating a statement and telling a story. She creates wall reliefs using a variety of materials, consisting of overlapping shapes and images pieced together like a giant puzzle.

Thomasville Recreation Center
1835 Henry Thomas Dr. SE
Atlanta, GA 30315