Sheila Pree Bright
Vinyl mesh

Four vinyl banners depict archival printed images of the historic African American 5th ward community. The banners combine current images of the community and its people with vintage photographs of the historic community, displaying the evolution of the neighborhood.

The banners were created by fine arts photographer Sheila Pree Bright, who works to challenge perceptions of reality within contemporary culture. For this particular piece, she stated that the rapid transitioning and loss of qualities of historic African American communities drive the photographer to document these areas.

Pathways includes a set of four vinyl banners, each with archival printed images of the African-American community. Each banner is 8 feet by 4 feet and bears the inscription:

“The Rich and Bitter Depth of Your Experience; The Unknown Treasures of Your Inner Life Community.”

Washington Park Natatorium
102 Ollie Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30314