Pavlos Kougioumtzis

In honor of the 1996 Olympic Games, the city of Athens, Greece presented the Niki sculpture, a modern rendition of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, as a permanent gift to the city of Atlanta. Located at Atlanta City Hall, the piece is a representation of the victory that results after every effort for the good, the beautiful and the true, which emulate the Olympic Ideals.

The Mayor of Athens, Dimitrios L. Avramopoulos, donated Niki to the City of Atlanta for the Centennial of the Modern Olympics, July 19, 1996. The artist is Pavlos Kougioumtzis, who created a sculpture of bronze and marble, standing 10 feet, 8 inches high.  Pavlos Kougioumtzis is a Greek sculptor, painter, and architect. He lives and works in Athens, Greece.

Atlanta City Hall
Mitchell St. SW near Central St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30303