Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier
Acrylic paint on stucco

 Artist Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier states, “Every letter in the alphabet and numbers from 1 through 9 are present in the six panels. It is intended that a parent may use these familiar symbols as a teaching tool for young children. Games such as ‘How many green fish can you find?’ or ‘Can you find the letter ‘A’?’ could be played by a parent with young children. The swimmers themselves are not only graceful but athletic as well. They swim close to the lake floor and are unyielding as they encounter many alien creatures that inhabit this body of water. Although subtle, the figures evoke strength and pride as they ‘push forward’ to the water’s surface where they will encounter the stars. The ‘Six Swimmers’ announce quite boldly that what lies on the other side of the bathhouse promises to be an aquatic adventure- both real and imagined.”

Painted by Atlanta-based photographer, painter, and writer, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, who has been documenting people and places of the South since 1989.  She is guided by the idea of the journey, unmapped spaces and the magic that occurs when one goes looking for history and ancestors.  Her visual repertoire mythologizes and re-imagines historical incidences (especially those that are informed by race, gender, and stereotypes) using photography, painting, oral histories and primary source documents. She uses these sources to tell the stories of the people in communities that she encounters.

Adams Park Bathhouse
1620 Delowe Dr
Atlanta, GA 30311