William F. Conway and Marcy Schulte
Cast concrete and steel

This piece exposes the government regulations related to zoning and street design that determine how streets and public space look and function. They marked the locations of street restrictions, such as view corridor restrictions, access zones, and the setbacks for parking lots, buffer zones, and signage. It was awarded first prize for the Streetscape site in the competition entitled, “Public Space in the New American City/Atlanta 1996,” the project focused attention on the par language (zoning ordinances, building codes, and planning guidelines) plays in the manifestation of public space.

De-Code/Re-Code Atlanta was designed by architects, William F. Conway and Marcy Schulte. The architects deem this concept “language as infrastructure.” Conway is a professor in the Architecture program at the University of Minnesota and a partner in Conway and Schulte Architects. His research includes exploring the definition and construction of the American public realm.

Central Ave. SW and Decatur St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30303