Marianne Benson-Weinberg
Carved ceramic brick and masonry

This piece is part of a collaborative commission with “The Tower of Time” by Toby Martin. The ceremonial path spirals around the base of the tower while the wind chimes herald a place of health and joy. The “Community Quilts” on either side of the porte-cochere were carved by the community during several workshops held by the artists. By creating the bricks themselves the community feels a real sense of ownership in the project. This work won an Urban Design Commission Award of Excellence in Public Art.

Marianne Weinberg was trained as a ceramicist but now works primarily with brightly colored tiles and carving brick. Through her work, she expresses her social views and those of the communities where her work is commissioned.

Ben Hill Recreation Center Atrium
2405 Fairburn Rd. SW
Atlanta, GA 30331