Curtis Patterson

Central Atlanta Progress president, A.J. Robinson, expressed, “The vision for the Tribute plaza was to create a compelling destination that honors the contributions of one of our most important leaders. This serene park will serve as a point of reflection and inspiration along the path to Downtown’s major destinations.”

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, artist Curtis Patterson developed an appreciation for building, construction and working with his hands as the grandson of a master carpenter. Patterson matured his skills while studying at Grambling State University to receive a degree in Art Education. In an attempt to further his artistic skill set, he attended Georgia State University in Atlanta, and became the first African American to receive a Master of Visual Arts in Sculpture from the university. Patterson’s early works generally involved painting, wood and ceramics, and his interests later shifted towards cast iron, steel and some large scale ceramic sculptures. Patterson’s works largely pay homage to the historical contributions of people of African descent. He enjoys creating pieces that invite audience participation and interaction.

Andrew Young Tribute Plaza
Andrew Young International Blvd NW and Carnegie Way NW
Atlanta, GA 30303