Phil Proctor
Mild steel, aluminum, and granite stone

Part of the Public Art Community Gateway Project, this permanent installation is a symbolic work that incorporates aspects that reflect the cultural values of the Lakewood Heights community. The “Community Gateway Project” represents the installation of public artworks in five distinct communities. New public art was installed in Adair I, Cleopas R. Johnson, Isabel Gates Webster, South Bend and Southside Parks. These public art installations serve as gateways to parks and neighborhoods and are now a part of Atlanta’s landscape.

The artist, Phil Proctor, lives and works in southeast Atlanta. Proctor has permanent sculpture installations throughout the southeast as well as in countries across Western Europe. In addition to commissioned works, Proctor frequently exhibits his large-scale sculpture local and regional venues like Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

South Bend Park
1955 Compton Dr. SE
Atlanta, GA 30315