“Social City”

October 17th – 23rd, 2014

Elevate 2014, themed “Social City” focused on the physical environment with regard to social interconnectedness and social impact within a city. How do we communicate with each other and how do we interact with our surroundings? What is the social makeup of our city? How does it compare with other cities? How does this benefit the landscape, economic growth and retention and the impact of events and cultural offerings when the social quality of the city is higher or lower?

Artworks, performances, and panels contemplated how a city’s perceptions are altered based on the intersection of art, architecture, design, and communication. Elevate offered creative platforms for socializing and interconnectedness through the arts, emphasizing social media and digital presence.


Downtown Opening Block Party
Downtown Opening Block Party: Performances and installations by the WolfPack, Branden Collins, Eyedrum, Mammal Gallery, the Goat Farm, and DJ Wally Sparks.
Grand Opening at Gallery 72
Grand Opening at Gallery 72- Installations and live performances by Atlanta-based artist, Branden Collins. Digital sculptures and installations by Joanie Lemercier, in conjunction with the French Consulate of Atlanta and France Atlanta.

Not Pictured:

Social City Panel Discussion: Discussions surrounding social interconnectedness, community development, art, and urban growth. Presentations and Conversations led  by Tim Crimmins and Danielle Roney.

Special dance performance by Association Manifeste  following “Social City” discussions.

Atlanta Streets Alive Art Bike Tour of Elevate public artworks located on buildings, alleyways and parks of Downtown Atlanta.

Woodruff Park: French Film in the park; Eight short comedic films by Max Linder

Performance by Makeshift Circus

Lunchtime Artist Talk: Lemercier discussed his unique, light-based projection art located in Gallery 72 and 55 Marietta Street combining math with art and immersing the viewer in a journey that conjures space exploration.

5 Points MARTA Amphitheater: Fun-Size Fringe: Atlanta Fringe Festival favorites Sith Penguin, Thimblerig Circus, and Twinhead Theatre presented exciting aerial dance and acrobatics, circus, and comedy acts. Learn more about Atlanta Fringe at www.atlantafringe.org.

2014 ART


Joe Dreher



Red Ball

Romy Maloon– “Calibrate”- A 20’ floral sculpture

Casey Lynch- “Headphones”


Entertainment by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Quarteto

Branden Collins at Gallery 72


Goat Farm D_UMPSTERs Project

10 Atlanta artists were given big metal trash receptacles—as the title would suggest—to create a work of public art.

Click artists name for an image of each Dumpster project Second Story, the Young Never Sleep, Kris Pilcher, Relay TeamMarcus Kenney, Kevin Byrd & Mary Grace Phillips, Igor Kursunskiy, David Baerwalde & Alex Martinez, Mike Black, Dustin Chambers, Chamber Cartel.

Click here to view a blog on the D_UMPSTERS project 

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Rue Des Dames La Passant
La Passant
Dance Truck Performance
Dance Truck Performance- Fairlie + Walton: the Dance Truck commissioned an armful of talented choreographers and dancers to produce a night of performances to close out the Elevate week. Elevate participants also had the opportunity to dance in the dance truck! Click here to view a gallery of this performance: http://dancetruck.org/Elevate-2014
Tesselate by Joanie Lemercier
Tesselate by Joanie Lemercier- Collaboration with France Atlanta and The French Consulate of Atlanta, Joanie Lemercier’s Tesselated Atlanta light- design and sculpture, a public art performance
Performance by Brandon Collins
Street Performance by Branden Collins
Living room by Mammal Gallery
Living room by Mammal Gallery