October 19-27, 2012


ELEVATE 2012 opened with a vivacious block party on South Broad Street.  View Creative Loafing’s Photo Gallery of the Opening Block Party here: http://clatl.com/atlanta/elevate-block-party/Slideshow?oid=6776588

2012 ART 

South Broad St. Mural Paintings

ELEVATE 2012 brought four of the world’s most interesting street artists from around the world to Atlanta to create mural paintings on four South Broad Street building facades. These murals are still up on South Broad!

       Artists were:

Born- Atlanta, GA
Push- Los Angeles, CA
HENSE- Atlanta, GA
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TILT- Toulouse, France

Other ART Projects Included:

Roni Nicole, Lillian Blades, Linda Costa, Banho De Luz- “Banho De Luz”- Carnegie Education Pavilion

Mixed Media installation and interactive video event featuring the art of Lillian Blades, Linda Costa, and Roni Nicole Henderson.  A historical monument of the City of Atlanta located at John Portman Boulevard and Peachtree Street, the Carnegie Education Pavilion was the site for an ambitious interactive ELEVATE project. A quilt like drapery by Lillian Blades, laden with LED lights enclosed the existing structure transforming the pavilion into a softly glowing public space. Passerbys were invited into the monument where they become the subject of an art- piece by photographer Linda Costa, best known for light painting and long exposure artworks. Photographs were then projected for public viewing in real time within the plaza area by video artist Roni – Nicole.

Pierre Rigal Dance, Toulouse France

Jessica Caldas, Avien Reese, Back on My Feet


Randy Walker, Colorfalls Woodruff Park Fountain

Woodruff Park Fountain, a landmark of downtown scenery, was the site of a subtle installation by Minnesota artist Randy Walker. The installation piece subtly integrates colored fibers behind the water fall feature on the fountain. This artwork examines the impact of even a slight creative transformation to heighten the public’s awareness of their environment.

Adrian Barzaga, Save it or Pave it

Located at 143 Alabama street, this five story building, once serving as a thriving hub of activity for the Atlanta Constitution may potentially be removed upon the construction of Atlanta’s new Metro Modal Passenger Transport. Numerous activist groups are currently working to save and memorialize this building advocating for the structure’s importance and historical significance. Through this minimal contemporary facade design, the artist looks to illustrate the nervous human-like energy within the building as it currently knows not what the future holds in store.



The Imaginary Million- The artwork of 100 artists was on display at the 200 Peachtree Street Atrium. During the evening, each of the 100 artists bid on the work of his peers with $10,000 in “play” money. At the end of the night, artists took home the work they won, and no real money was exchanged.


See another promo video for ELEVATE 2012 here: