G.Bistaki Performs on the Marta Rooftop

Cooperatzia, G. Bistaki Company – Seven French Artists + 15 Atlantans & 1000 ceramic Tiles on the roof of MARTA.

A set built atop the 5 points MARTA station will create an immersive experience for all visitors to the Cooperatzia performance.

In partnership with Consulate General of France in Atlanta and The Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs we’ve traveled French theatrical performers and several tons of ceramic tile from our sister city, Toulouse France to give visitors to Downtown Atlanta and experience they won’t forget.

Friday, October 25, 8-9pm

Cooperatzia is written, directed, and performed by 5 members of the G. Bistaki Company, François Juliot, Jive Faury, Sylvain Cousin, Nicanor de Elia and Florent Bergal.

In an urban, rural, or out of the ordinary setting, The Path is a theatrical route around an area that has been temporarily occupied with set up installations and scenes. The audience is implicated in the movement.

“… This show offers an incomparable force and emotion…. Playing with the form, weight, texture and color of objects that seem very ordinary (roof tiles and purses), exploiting to the max the relationship between body-object-space, the collective G. Bistaki succeeds in creating one of the most beautiful shows of the last several years. Unique, atypical, troubling. Sensual too.”

9pm – Midnight – ELEVATE AFTERPARTY! Visit the The Mammal Gallery to see a new mural by Sarah Emerson and performances by – Hello Ocho – Goldyard – Currency – Spirit Temple – https://www.facebook.com/events/628640183855287