Elevate and the “Social City”

2pm-6pm: Ford Art Tour : Gallery 72 :: Park your car in the Gallery 72 lot or take Marta to 5 points station. Ford will be debuting some of their newest technology by hosting Elevate Art Tours via Car. Tour all of the Elevate Artworks with a private chauffeur and stop to along the way to see some fantastic performances.

2pm: Chamber Cartel performing Songbirdsongs at D_MPSTER: Wishing Well

2pm: Branden Collins brings you a special experience at D_MPSTER: Jarawa

3pm: “Social City” Educational Talks: Gallery 72 : Elevate presents discussions surrounding social interconnectedness, community development, art, and urban growth. Presentations and conversations led by Tim Crimmins and Danielle Roney.

5pm: Manifeste Dance: Gallery 72 : Special dance performance by Manifeste following “Social City” discussions hosted by the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts and France Atlanta.