Coming soon, Gallery 72 in Downtown Atlanta.

FOCUS: Gallery 72 will exhibit with a strong focus on local talent. The gallery will be all encompassing in nature in that it will support not only the artists within the area but also the local galleries, organizations and freelance curators that make up the entirety of our arts community.


MISSION:  The Gallery 72 mission is to promote, interpret, and present the art of emerging, mid career, and established artists from the culturally diverse Atlanta area. The Gallery may also showcase art from other parts of the world that is of relevance to the people and character of the City of Atlanta.


DESIGN: The 3000 square foot space located on street level at Marietta Street in downtown will host two galleries. These galleries may host two shows of separate theme simultaneously or the two spaces may show artwork that collectively will be considered the full exhibit.

North Gallery, capable of hosting digital and video works will primarily be used for projection and souncscape works. The front window has potential for projection onto the exterior of the building.

South Gallery, will serve primarily for analog or non digital artworks such as photography, sculpture, painting and installation. The gallery is naturally lit from the North and the East. The South Gallery will also host a series of tracklights which are interchangeable and six movable walls, available to alter the shape of this gallery.

“The re-creation of this building and incorporation of this gallery will be a significant milestone in Downtown Atlanta creative culture” says, Director Camille Russell Love. “We are excited to have the full support of Mayor Kasim Reed as we cultivate, promote and sustain contemporary art within our city center.”