Closing Reception:

New Acquisitions

Showcasing City of Atlanta Recent Art Purchases

During the Pandemic, The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) understood that the best way to support artists was to support their artistry. After promoting a public call for submissions, we received overwhelming responses from each creative category.  We convened expert panels to select a final list of poets, short story writers, photographers, painters, and choreographers for the creation of new works and the purchase of existing works. The exhibition New Acquisitions highlights the works of art that are now part of the City of Atlanta’s permanent art collection. Eventually, each of these works will be displayed in public spaces owned and administered by the City of Atlanta. 

Guests are required to follow City COVID and social distancing protocol.

Closing Reception will be held on Wednesday, December 8th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Artists Include:

  • Jim Alexander
  • George F. Baker III
  • Danny Campbell
  • Imani Christor
  • Sabre Esler
  • Selma Glass
  • Roxane Hollosi
  • Okeeba Jubalo
  • Jason Kofke
  • Lynn Linnemeier
  • Michael Reese
  • Corrina Sephora
  • Lauren Stumberg
  • Freddie Styles
  • Monica Tookes
  • Gregor Turk
  • Lisa Tuttle
  • Gilbert Young
  • Muhammad Yungai
  • Kevin Cole
  • Jamaal Barber
  • Austin Blue
  • Jessica Caldas
  • Ashley Thomas
  • Sachi Rome
  • Andrew Crawford
  • Antonio Darden
  • Joseph McKinney
  • Phil Winter
  • Charmaine Minniefield
  • Sanithna Phansavanh
  • Addison Adams