Chastain Arts Center Winter Classes and Celebrating Gresham Day

On October 20th, the Chastain Arts Center explored the history of its beloved facilities by partnering with the Galloway School for Gresham Day.  Hosted by the Galloway School, this event commemorated the addition of the Gresham building-now part of the school-to the Georgia historical Registry.

Constructed during the fist half of the twentieth century by the prominent architecture firm Morgan & Dillon, the Gresham building and the buildings that are now Chastain Arts Center first served as Fulton County’s public almshouses.  Gresham, which was designed to house up to 145 residents, served as the “white almshouse” and the Chastain Arts Center, designes for up to 60 residents, served as the “black almshouse.’

On Gresham Day, we elcomed sixty-eight visitors from the Galloway School who toured the center, learning about the history of the building as well as its present life as Atlana’s oldest art center.  We also had the pleasure of welcoming former resident of the almshouse, Charlene Leistl; wo visited our facility, sharing her memories of the site when it opperated as a “poorhouse”

Take part in Chastains rich and colorful history this season, by signing up for one of their many Winter 2015 classes.  Open and Online  Registration Begins; Monday, November 3, 2014.  Please visit the website above for more information.