Ben Smith Memorial

In loving memory

March 18, 1941 – November 2, 2021

A beautiful soul who will be missed by many. We will forever be grateful for the impact he made on our community and our lives.

Ben’s Memorial will be hosted at the Chastain Arts Center within Chastain Park on Friday, December 17th from 3 – 8 PM

There are 30-minute timeslots available to register to attend the indoor Memorial. Please RSVP and attend during your registered RSVP time and wear your mask to help us respect social distancing guidelines.

Warm beverages with individually wrapped snacks and additional conversation will be available outdoors.

Masks will be required to attend Ben’s Memorial

If you have any images or videos of Ben and/or his work, or work you created in his classes please upload them at the Dropbox link by CLICKING HERE.

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Portrait of Ben Smith by Philip Carpenter