Vicki Scuri

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My practice spans 30 years, with emphasis on creating pedestrian friendly, human-scaled public space that reflects the values, histories, landscapes, climates, and resources of local regions while promoting environmental awareness, community identity and sense of place.

As an Artist, I am interested in what defines a place and what makes it special, creating its unique character and presence. My creative method involves a research and dialogue process that typically begins with a weeklong site review, where I immerse myself in the site, its people, its history, its climate, and its native plant palette, laying the ground for my creative work and a development process that engages the stakeholders over the course of project. My method includes a menu of opportunities that is a visual annotated pdf format including drawings, photographs, texts, and 3D visualizations. This visual tool allows me to communicate my ideas and to receive feedback for guiding my work.

I have honed my skills to keep pace with rapidly advancing technologies in CAD, 3D imaging and fabrication. I am specifically skilled in LED programmable lighting, CNC sculptural carving for creating relief and laser cutting technologies for fabricating intricate custom designs in all materials. I am not limited by material choices. I am flexible and adaptable, capable of thinking “outside of the box” and realizing the best creative approach.