Tim Watkins and Carol May

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For over 25 years we have been designing and fabricating artworks for public spaces. We have created indoor and outdoor site-specific sculpture, kinetic sculpture, mosaics, murals, themed historical exhibits, and interactive exhibits for children. We have successfully completed many public art commissions, and are very familiar with making high-quality artwork that defines a public space, and that compliments the natural environment. We have worked closely with building and landscape architects as well as engineers on many of these projects.

Over the last 10 years our public art commissions have explored organic forms, some of them in conjunction with interactive play components and some with kinetic elements powered by renewable energy. We are interested in creating artworks that relate to the site and combine a certain elegance of form with a dash of whimsy. We see this project as a very exciting opportunity for both the pedestrians using the bridge, and for those travelling via auto below. Through the use of form and color elements and possibly some kinetics, we feel we can create a distinctive experience for the South Mountain Loop project.

Our usual approach is to work with the community and the committee in the development of possible options for specific sites. We look for areas where artwork could greatly contribute to the visitor experience, including signature entrance sculptures, thematic way finding sculptures, sculptural amenities, participatory sculptures along nature trails, and themed play structures for adults and children.

Our experience with creating public art, interactive exhibits, and play structures, allows us to bring a unique perspective to a project, as well as a great deal of experience with safety, durability and working in a collaborative venue. We understand developing work for this type of site.

About May & Watkins

May & Watkins Design, LLC has two principals, Carol May and Tim Watkins. Carol is the lead designer and works on the conceptual ideas and gives them physical form through drawings and models. Tim then takes these concepts and turns them into structural reality. Our skilled in-house fabrication crew works with us from concept through installation. As we both design and build our work, we provide a lot of ‘product’ for the price, and we can insure that the integrity and quality of the design is realized.