Stuart Williams

Artist Resume


Medium: site-specific installations, visual art, video, light installations, mixed media

Artist Statement

My focus as an artist is on monumental installations in the public realm. In my work I strive to attain a vision that is at once both captivating and alluring… an evocative vision that transcends the ordinary. Because art that is set in public locales can reach such a vast audience — and, if the concept is a compelling one — I believe it can truly enrich our lives.
Since the 1980s, my work has been critically acclaimed around the globe. Holding a degree in architecture has provided me with a strong foundation in art, architecture and urban planning, and instilled in me an intimate understanding of grand scale and three dimensional space, plus an ability to work with any materials by leading teams of engineers and specialists tuned to the unique needs of each project. With extensive experience working with planners and community groups here and in Europe, I envision concepts that resonate with the essence of each site.
In 2015, in tandem with the 70th anniversary observance of the bombing of Dresden in World War II, I transformed the historic Dresden Cathedral with computer-controlled waves of light, making it appear to “breathe,” symbolically offering life-giving breath to a city that suffocated in a firestorm. A documentary film on “Breath of Life/Dresden” is in the works. The project was a nominee for the 2015 Global Fine Arts Awards. They called it: “an emblematic artwork of timeless and far-reaching importance.”
My most monumental installation, “Luminous Earth Grid,” was an array of 1,680 energy-efficient fluorescent lamps that swept over an expanse of rolling hills equal to 8 football fields, 50 miles north of San Francisco. Williams said of the project: “The glowing green grid can be seen as an icon of computer imaging technology, which in this ‘real life,’ incarnation, gently melds with the flowing shape of a lovely landscape… a dream-like vision of symbiotic unity.” Peter Selz, Curator at New York’s MoMA said: “it emanates a sense of the romantic sublime with its aura of surprise and wonder.” The project was recently published in a new book by Roads Publishing in Dublin, Ireland, titled: “Art Installations: A Visual Guide” (Nov. 2016). The publisher describes the book as a visual journey and exploration of the most significant and groundbreaking highlights of installation art since the 1960s.
I’ve been the recipient of grants and commissions from a wide variety of organizations, among them, the U.S. Embassy in Berlin; The City of Dresden, Germany; Pacific Gas & Electric, San Francisco; the LEF Foundation, St. Helena, CA; Columbus Public Art; and an anonymous foundation in New York. I’ve been an invited lecturer at numerous venues including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the University of California, Davis.
My work has been widely published in Art in America, Public Art Review, Abitare (Milan), Kunstforum International (Cologne), Feuilleton Scout (Berlin), Panorama Mese (Milan), and many other journals and art blogs.