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Born and raised in Southfield, MI, Stu was usually tinkering with things his parents did not want pulled apart. And when the screw drivers were taken away he was drawing cartoons, comics and people. In High School, with pencil in hand, he made many a custodian angry by decorating classroom desktops with a fanciful array of surreal images. At Wayne State University, Detroit, MI he decided to focus his creativity on mechanical engineering with a focus on robotics. The pull of creating three dimensional objects that could move, evolve and be controlled caused him to pursue further education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Once the higher education was behind him he decided to explore more thoroughly the terrain where art and technology coincide. He studied sculpture and painting at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, MA where he met Ralph Helmick and for 13 years they teamed to create public art that was fresh, innovative and technically challenging with high aesthetic principles. The result was a substantial and diverse portfolio that include epic portraiture by suspending 1000’s of small portraits precisely in space, a fighter jet assembled by suspending over 1200 mechanized butterflies and silk flowers, 19 sections of the human body fabricated from stained glass and suspended with welded steel ’drawings’ and a sculpture that uses 1600 motors to generate ever-changing portraits of local citizens using small portraits of those same citizens. Currently Stu has been pursuing his own ideas and visions as a solo artist.