Stoller Studio, Inc.


Medium: metal, stone, glass, fountains

Artist Statement
I find my inspiration in the natural processes that occur all around me. The artwork emerges through an interpretation of these processes, crafted by design, guided by intuition and informed by principles underlying the physical universe. My approach to public art combines geometry, pattern & abstraction in the pursuit of enduring works of art. I specialize in site-specific work with attention to artistic excellence & longevity.

Metal-Lace: an artwork technique developed at the Studio is a versatile vocabulary of form from which original patterns are developed. It is a good fit for site-specific project as the scale can vary and layered meaning can be infused into the work. It can be applied as pendant, wall hung &/or freestanding artwork rendered in stainless steel and other metals including patinated & painted finishes. Durable hand-brushed finishes softly reflect movement, the sky & the surrounding colors within a landscape. 3D computer modeling is used to develop underlying shapes that give dimension. Consisting of simple geometric forms, the majority of these shapes are cut away leaving the lace pattern undulating in space. Many of these works have a “seek & find” aspect to the abstract pattern, hiding recognizable imagery to be discovered by the audience. Involving stakeholders to participate in the selection of this imagery to be “woven” into the pattern adds a local flavor and connection to the piece. When the metal is lit at night a whole new mood & visual experience is created. Having a striking simplicity and unity when seen from a distance, upon closer viewing one’s interest is sustained by the detailed compositions. This results in visitors seeing new things each time they look; like watching clouds.

The Studio
We design & build sculptures that function on pragmatic, material and artistic levels. Our methods range from bronze casting to 3-D computer modeling, combining the best of old world craft with modern technology. My 5 years with R. Buckminster Fuller and 15 years in Industrial Design heading two consulting firms contribute to the broad vision, technical expertise and project management skill at the Studio.

My design approach is based upon a deep respect for the natural world. Employing principles found in nature gives the work a visual structure that resonates familiarity, sensed by anyone who has walked through a forest or observed how water carves stone over time.

-Roger White Stroller