Solomon Bassoff


Medium: concrete, play structure, steel, glass, library, zoo, park, hospital, school

Artist Statement

It is our strong belief that the best civic artwork forges connection between community and local environment. We are committed to creating artwork that will celebrate the City of Atlanta, while reflecting the custom, styles and cultural attitudes of the city to everyone that has the opportunity to experience it. The process of public art involves the ability to compromise, work with teams and reflect the desires of the public that will be living in and visiting Atlanta. Our intention is to create sculpture that will engage the public and enrich the public. Faducci sculptures are whimsical, colorful and cheerful by design. We create artwork that engages visitors, welcoming them with friendly playful creatures and historical figures. We have accomplished this goal at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle WA, with a life-sized Komodo dragon that is being used as a play structure for thousands of visitors yearly. In Redding, we created various exciting sculptures to enhance the Children’s Garden at Turtle Bay Exploration Park/Sundial Bridge. Our 17 giant sunflowers at Hummingbird Park in Natomas, CA. create a wonderful year round focal point and celebrate the theme of the park. One of our first public art sculptures was a large mosaic frog for the children at George Mark Children’s House the first free standing children’s hospice in the United States in San Leandro California. Recently, we created 20 overstuffed concrete arm chairs, dog busts that function as a fountain and two cats as a whimsical addition for the Peninsula Humane Society-SPCA in Burlingame, CA. Faducci has recently completed 5 sculptures commissioned for the Northwest Library in Oklahoma City that were playfully created with children in mind. We are experienced at creating artwork that celebrates the natural environment, while delighting and inspiring the viewer. Our sculpture with its whimsical nature is particularly endearing to the young and the young at heart.