Shannon Willow

Artist Resume



Medium: Murals, oil painting on canvas

Artist Statement

Socially engaged art transforms communities by breaking down language barriers and connecting people in an innovative way. I live in the most diverse mile in the United States, Clarkston, Georgia, and have been involving the community members in my dynamic art projects since 2012. I have been selected to receive training through C4 Atlanta to strengthen my skills as a facilitator and designer of socially engaged art, and its profound impact on communities.

Murals create high energy for ongoing social and economic development, stimulating growth within the area. They not only beautify the space, but can be a reminder to community to stay grounded in the values embodied by the city. Murals are an innovative way for true connection, breaking through limited thinking, and social and economic barriers.

I have created unique art experiences in both corporate and non-profit settings. I recently completed a 100 foot mural in East Atlanta Village, incorporating a team building experience with the East Atlanta Animal Clinic. We completed an “Animal Compassion Tree Mural” to remind passersby that we are all connected, including the animal kingdom. Much of my art is themed with “Text Trees” applying mission statements and core values to reconnect people and companies with their true authentic nature. My expertise in team building creates a safe space for people to be themselves and bring their own vision and unique styles to the project. I understand the profound value in listening and interacting with community to create something each individual can take pride in, and enjoy for years to come.

My work on canvas has generally been a collaborative experience for each client. Each “Text Tree” is carefully worded to reflect the values and authenticity in which the individual is rooted. I believe in a pedagogical approach to each piece and apply careful listening skills to the needs of my clients. Be it a mural or an oil painting on canvas, considering the client in each step of the process is, in my opinion, best practices.

I am grateful for this opportunity to work with the city of Atlanta, and its residents to create a long lasting, aesthetic art that uplifts and unites the community.