Rob Neilson



Artist Statement

I appreciate the need for strong, iconic public art that has the ability to engage with a community-centered project. I bring a strong, active aesthetic, coupled with demanding craftsmanship that I feel would enliven the environment and encourage viewer interaction. I produce work in a wide variety of media that addresses the physical, historical, social and/or cultural context of the location, community, site, and facility.

In all my public art projects I want my work to be understanding of, respectful to, and appreciative of those who encounter it. I attempt to compliment and underscore the purpose or role of the facility, paired with a well-researched understanding of the specific location. In an effort to engage the viewer immediately and on a substantial level, I create public works that are user-friendly but that simultaneously have the ability to carry meaning on multiple levels. My ideals lead me to believe that it is possible to create public art that is approachable but challenging, understandable without condescension, comprehendible yet comprehensive, discernible and still discerning.