Paul Hobson

Artist Resume


Medium: metals, ceramic tile, glass mosaic, terrazzo, concrete, light, water

Artist Statement

Most of my projects have been collaborations with architects, landscape architects, engineers and other design professionals and involved coordination with government agencies and contractors along with interaction with community stakeholders. I work in a wide array of resilient media in varied and often unusual sites.

My public artworks focus on interpretation and embellishment of infrastructure within the public realm. My approach to design varies with every project but I always begin the discovery process with a search for a compelling story to tell. The surrounding environment, the history of the site and the proposed uses associated with a project are studied and synthesized, then used as a reference during design development. Preliminary designs are generated and revised based on stakeholder input. Digital media, drawings, models and structural engineering submittals are produced as needed during the design and review process and are also used for presentation purposes. Upon approval, I coordinate the public art component with the various contractors associated with the implementation of a project, fabricate the artwork and supervise its installation.
My primary focus as an artist is on creating art for public places. My past experience has honed my skills in the politics of the public art process and the techniques used to succeed in complex, multi-layered art interventions. I have worked with numerous government agencies and private developers with the goal of enhancing capital improvement projects by creating site-specific icons that articulate community identity and values.