Pam Moxley

Artist’s Statement
I have always felt that looking through the lens of a camera is much like looking at life from the perspective of a child. The magnificence of life is fresh and waiting to be discovered. I see things when I photograph that I would never see without a camera in my hands. It feels as though I am in a dream.

I am overwhelmed when the sun rises and the light disperses to create a moment in time that must be captured on film. Photography graces me with the momentary freedom to leave the responsibilities of life behind, and view the majesty and splendor of life as though I am again six years old.

Through my mixed media series, I hope to transport you, the viewer, back to your own childhood, to a time of unbridled moxie; to a time when you spent your days discovering. I hope you can remember what it was like to never hesitate, to embrace all the surprises that cross your path.

mox•ie [ móksee ] Definition: courage combined with inventiveness (slang)