Owen Morrel

Email: owenmorrel@gmail.com


Medium: concrete, drawing, play structure, participatory structure, metal

Artist Statement

The operative words are simplicity and light. Simplicity, light, the inclusion of the viewer in the creative act and adherence to the essence of the term site specific have been the operative concepts guiding my work over the past thirty years. The overall success of any artwork that resides in the domain of everyday events is contingent upon contextual consideration and inclusive coexistence between a sculpture, the physical and metaphysical landscape it inhabits, and those who travel through the site.
Sculpture can precipitate civic pride in those locations where materials are employed to include the viewer, the natural landscape, the usage of the site, its surrounding architecture and a positive vision of the future in the formation of an iconic image. To accomplish this end the sculpture must be sufficiently open-ended and substantially empty of self-importance to encourage viewers to become participants in the creative act. I ask that participants use my sculptures as vehicles, doorways though which the mind can pass in an effort to dismantle the act of perception and the order in which we are conditioned to perceive the environment.