Nancy O’Neil

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I believe that art can be transformative, changing how people experience a place and broadening personal horizons. For over 25 years I’ve created public art projects that have been meaningful and enduring. My pieces spark peoples’ imaginations, and hold their interest over time.

I have work in numerous libraries, government buildings, schools, colleges and universities, airports, hospitals, health departments, and transit stations in many parts of the country.

My work is basically research-based collage made out of glass. A lot of it is about getting at the heart of the place where the art will go. Historic and contemporary photos, maps, drawings, manuscripts, flora and fauna, archaeology, poetry, textiles and references to cultural diversity and community all find their way into my designs.

I also do work that is whimsical and engages the viewer in a different way. These pieces are research-based collages as well, but they are more far-reaching, pulling in information and imagery from many different arenas and fields of study.

I produce work in my own studio and with fabricators. I see my work as a collaborative effort with the people at the site and I am committed to that process.