Michael Dillon

Email: michael@dillonforge.com


Medium: Metal, Forging, Fabrication, Kinetic, Stone, Clay, Drawing, Painting

Artist Statement

In creating sculpture, I try to surpass the expectations of the viewer’s perception of what metal can accomplish. My large scale public works offer kinesthetic, fluid designs to a material and art that we often attribute to historical inflexibility. The art of Blacksmithing conjures images of unbending features bearing heavy architectural burdens within the techniques and tools that have remained unchanged throughout the centuries. Challenging the medium and the techniques of forging itself creates an environment of innovation and discovery. I pour myself into each facet of every design by inventing the tools and methods used to create each piece. When my view for a piece is beyond the parameters of a tool, I create a new tool. In this way, process is as important as concept.
My love for mechanics was born in the small service station where I worked throughout high school. I have never outgrown my fascination with how things work and are put together, and I am always thrilled when viewers of my work experience that same sense of wonder and intrigue. Through careful and intricate engineering, I strive to create pieces that are visually uncomplicated and graceful, that engages and inspires wonder within the viewer. I develop the piece, and its unique character and motion based on the specific site, the surrounding environment, and the intended viewer. I strive to incorporate a kinetic element in each piece- whether it is a movement within the piece, or the movement of the viewer.
My goal is to invent new ways of working with the medium and techniques of forging metal, and combine a modern aesthetic with a historical perspective. Equally central to my work is involving individuals and communities in the process, to deepen their appreciation of the arts. I have been successful in achieving this dialogue, as the site and the community are direct inspirations that lead to the design of the public works.