Mia Yoon

Artist Resume

Artist Email: mia.yoon@yahoo.com

Artist Website: http://www.miayoon.com

Artist Statement

Even though I am an installation artist, painting itself is a very important part in my work. I do not like to create a single piece of painting. I create body of work to show the continuity of my thought process and to have elements of a system. The scale and colors are very important component in my work. I use color as a language, creating a dialogue to communicate directly to create powerful voice that will resonate with physical vibrations.  I want pure color to exist free from reference, and to have color itself becomes the subject matter. I want viewer to experience the physical presence of the colors that could trigger emotions and allows a multisensensory experience.

I was trained in classical painting at very early age. As my work evolved from canvas painting to sculptural work, and to an installation work; creating a space and scale became major part of my work.

2000 to 2005, my work became three dimensional and sculptural with incorporated electrical lights (LED, fluorescent and neon), and Plexiglas. The color was mostly minimal; with clean lines to emphasize the scale of the work.

In 2005, I started to use colors in my work with Mylar material; with pure vibrant colors; spray painted in oil with subtle tonal changes with blurred images.

From 2007 on, I started on big scale installations that was modular and variable. The

“Inaccessible Space” and “Spectrum I” installations were painted with bright colors on Mylar that would attach directly to the wall. In 2011, I started to use recycled newspaper and concrete to create an installation. “Spectrum II” and “Color Elements” installations are hand molded individual pieces that go through 7 to 9 steps. At the end, this process gave a very unique and individual surfaces to each pieces, that was durable, light, and that are touchable.

Even though my usage of materials differs vastly throughout my work. I like to describe myself as an experimental, innovative, and always challenging my boundaries to create unique voice for myself.