Masayuki Nagase


Artist’s Statement
Thinking of Nature there seems to be the will to create form and to destroy form. The never-ending transformation of life, competing and struggling with each other yet coexisting within the same laws of Nature.

When we walk by the seashore a rock looks durable and reflects its form to the waves breaking upon it. But simultaneously, the waves are eroding it ceaselessly as if trying to transfer their ever-changing motion upon it.

Here is an image overlapped with the persistent repetition of the pattern of life that brings continual movement from birth to death. This is a feature of gathering and dispersing developed by the energy of Nature. It can appear as a very gradual shift, from imperceptible growth to sudden blooming and even to erupting destruction. Watching the phase of these changes, we can contemplate the power of energy accumulated behind them, always wondering about the meaning of all these metamorphoses.

In my work, I have the image of these energies and mysteries that are contained in the integrity of Nature. These can be the motivation for the vital movement in the process of life. But within today’s life and the ever-progressing pace of modern society, we seem to be at a very critical situation. To see the body of the earth like the body of man is corruptible and subject to irrevocable change. The question is can we find the channel to reconcile with Nature.