Martin Donlin

Artist Website

Artist’s Statement
My vision for future public art commissions would be to create artworks that have a fresh and contemporary approach and are looking forward to the future; with a positive, bright and optimistic vision.

The intention would be to create artworks that are welcoming and accessible and do not alienate visitors or locals, but can still remain exciting and have a sense of adventure.

Through image, form and text the artwork could:

1. Relate to the physical characteristics and location of the site.
2. Refer to the historical heritage and meaning of the site.
3. Act as a marker establishing an identity for the site, creating a sense of place.
4. Be relevant and accessible to the users of the site.

Many of these elements are used as a metaphor or then abstracted using a variety of treatments and materials to create an atmosphere or ambiance.

As with all projects I am involved with, the designs and technical aspects are developed upon close consultation with all concerned and detailed concepts are then generated.