Mark Chew


Medium: Sculpture, Metal, Welding, Casting, Place-making

Artist Statement

My passion is sculpture, my foundation is engineering. I connect Art with Engineering through the expression of power – to harness, extrapolate, and magnify it! I want my work to inspire others to do what they love to do, maybe even what they have not had the courage to attempt before.
There are no templates to follow, no design specifications, nor boundaries at the conceptual level – everything is free flowing, unique and bold. My engineering background kicks in to make the design possible. Welding, hot / cold metal forming, and mechanical fastening are some of the processes performed.

My work is specifically designed to withstand the outdoor environment and all seasons. I am experienced with obtaining permits, liability insurance, and site specific equipment for installation. I am also a US Army veteran; I have been certified as a welder in MIG and TIG arc welding processes. My experience with the creation of monumental projects began as a project engineer – on time and within budget. Thank you for the consideration.