Marilyn Suriani

Medium: Photography, Mixed Media

Artist Resume

Artist Statement 

In the 35 years I have been photographing, my artistic focus has created many streams: documentaries, portraits, urbanism, travel, and for the past ten years, water. Always, I am in search of an interpretation of beauty in all of its forms, from the “simple” and “ordinary” to the complex. My first large installation encompassed the various documentaries I had produced after moving from north to south, settling in Atlanta. Many of these social essays were funded by city, state or county grants available to artists. The then Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs asked me, along with a contingent of southern artists, to submit a proposal for the new international terminal at the airport. I was one of the artists selected to create work for a gate in the new international concourse.  This was an opportunity for me to stretch the boundaries of what was possible.

The outcome was Southern Trinities, a permanent installation in Gate E-17. I had six months to make it happen. I chose to create triptychs of mixed media collages using Xeroxes of my photos printed on watercolor paper which were then painted with the addition of fabric, buttons, dried flowers, and other media. Each of the 4 triptychs are 4’ x 12’ mounted on steel.

In the last two years my work has been chosen for two large scale photo installations; one in a high-rise office tower in Buckhead @ 10’ x 28’, back lit and two in a luxury condominium in the lobby corridor consisting of a water triptych at 54 linear feet. I enjoy the challenge of the production process, learning about new materials and working with contractors and architects. Both works were installed ahead of schedule and within budget.