Malin Abrahamsson

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A multi-disciplinary artist, my practice is concept-specific: Whether permanent, temporary or somewhere in-between, my works on paper and canvas, digital animations, and large-scale public projects invariably revolve around the concepts of space and place. I choose to work with space as a means to appreciate and address the innumerable and continuously evolving components that flow within and through any specific location. It is a process that requires curiosity and patience, as well as a perceptive approach to nuance that is both animated and fluid. Art that responds to site – be it actual-physical, virtual, or a place that can only be felt or imagined – is engaged in an active dialogue with its context. Just as important as the architecture and intended purpose of a site is its desired atmosphere, and the particulars of already existing physical, emotional, and geographical borders provide a conceptual framework for each project. Ultimately, it is my goal to create works of art with a creative translatability that can reach diverse audiences; which expressively engage both temporal and ethereal concepts; and which are equally decorative and inspiring.