Mags Harries and Lajos Heder



Medium: public art, sculpture, solar

Artist Statement

We believe Public art is a lot more than placing large objects in public; it can reach every aspect of the environment and realize its poetic possibilities. In all of our work we make public art which shapes community places, creates community rituals, makes public places resonate with history, memory, and imagined possibilities. Our projects take diverse forms but they all share these intentions and a highly site-specific approach.

Our most valuable skill is adaptability. We always arrive at a site free of preconceived notions, and let our ideas grow from the place.

Since 1990 we have worked together on over 30 major public commissions with budgets up to $6 million, many of which have been recognized for national and international awards. We came to this collaboration from the different worlds of art and architecture. Mags, born and raised in Wales, brings her experience as a sculptor and teacher with an extensive record of museum and gallery exhibitions. Lajos grew up in Hungary and before becoming an artist practiced as an architect and created community planning, adaptive reuse and urban design projects. Our focus is the same: to activate public space though art. For each project we collaborate fully in the development of ideas and designs, drawing on our complimentary skills. We have worked on design teams as well as led teams ourselves; we are comfortable meshing our ideas with community members, engineers, landscape architects, architects, and other artists.