Lena Toritch

Artist Website: http://LenaToritch.com

Artist Email: contact@lenatoritch.com

Medium: Bronze sculpture, portrait statues, custom bronze monuments and memorials

Artist Statement 

I have been creating custom statues for over 20 years. I love that sense of challenge, when I must see the future monument through my client’s eyes, and a great satisfaction, knowing that I succeeded. I create representational statues that have uplifting and life-affirming qualities. I believe in a healing power of art and create statues that remind people of eternal qualities of love, joy and happiness. Art possesses its own energy, and I like making that energy positive and healing.

Through thoughtfully designed shapes and proportions I establish a flow of energy that brings harmony and balance.
When I create a memorial statue or portrait, I try to connect to individuality of that person and essence of their character. When creating statues of children I focus on warmth, joy and playfulness. I have an utmost respect for our brave soldiers and feel honored to create monuments to commemorate them.

The “American Dream” brings people from around the world to the United States in search of freedom and opportunity.
As an immigrant, I have a deep appreciation of the American Constitution. I was born in communist Russia. I understand what it is like to live under an oppressive government with no individual rights. Moving to the U.S. 20 years ago gave me that freedom of self-expression that every artist needs.

Born to an artistic family, I watched my father, who was a professional sculptor, create magnificent statues of historic figures and war heroes. His career would have soared if he had become a communist but he refused because of his personal convictions and beliefs.

My father guided my artistic talents and taught me time-proven sculpture techniques. I attended one of the best art universities in the world and graduated with a Master of Fine Arts.

America has given me the life I dreamed of and I want to give back by creating timeless classic portraits and memorials. I combine my old world knowledge and skill with my new found inspiration and patriotism. I dedicate it to all Americans and to my late father, who wanted me to be free.