Koryn Rolstad

Artist Email: koryn@krstudios.com

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Artist Statement

The public art installations I have produced are interactive, engaging and site-specific with the intent to convey a community voice and iconic appeal. I use strong forms, images, and lighting to emphasize architecture and natural surroundings. My installations in public buildings, plazas, and streetscapes are fun, educational, and pertinent to their architectural ‘home’ and ‘sense of place’, reimagining public spaces to provide opportunities for connectivity and interaction. My criterion remains the same throughout: “that the enjoyment and impact of the installations relate to the people who visit, work and interact within these environments.”

As a public artist, I involve the community in forming my understanding of the site and its role to support community visual goals. By giving voice to all stakeholders, the artwork can be accessible and responsive, extending a visual narrative while connecting with those who interact with their environment.

My background in architecture and engineering along with industrial & graphic design has developed my theory using a ‘kit of parts’ concept, incorporating components into elements, and installed as continuous systems. Because of this set of guidelines I am able to use multiple elements and imagery to form groupings covering larger areas to achieve interactive goals and enhance the experience from various viewpoints. Along with a deep knowledge of technology, fabrication and materials, I am able to utilize budgets to their fullest potential. The studio initiates all drawings through fabrication details and final stamped engineering. I present 3-D visualization drawings, including video fly-through presentations to further understanding of the project concepts.

The most successful projects have been accomplished with a sense of teamwork existing between the artist, architects, designers, educators, and community. My most important work has been to define the goals of each community and facility through varied methods and installations that help make a strong visual story.