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Jeff Demetriou is an American artist best known for his highly conceptual mixed media and installation works that combine philosophical and existential principals into a unique work process that incorporates photography, digital design, collage, painting and drawing. Themes such as the nature of perception, objectification, idealism, and opposition are common throughout his work, which has been described by many as both meditative and self-reflecting. Demetriou’s work can be found in private and public collections from around the world including Atlanta-based Turner and the High Museum of Art. Currently, Demetriou is working on a series of large-scale paintings based on the recorded memories of surveyed participants, and is also about to begin work on one of the largest public murals in the Southeast located in downtown Atlanta and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012.

In a time when our attention, and to a large extent our culture, is so very often commanded and shaped by the superficial, petty and destructive aspects of our society, the role of art and the artist must be one of a subverter and challenger to such things, rather than simply being an imitator or champion of them.

My work is intended to be an impetus for self-reflection and objectivity. It’s an appeal to the viewer to stop and honestly question not only the individual role that he or she plays in society and the world as a whole, but also the role individual perception has in shaping and constructing the reality and context in which we all exist.

Of course in the end, the real importance and relevance of a work lies not in its ability to generate chatter, command a high sales price, or even promote deep reflection, but in its solely unique relationship with the viewer. Anything outside of this relationship purported to hold value or influence is meticulously adorned nonsense…so I suppose you should ignore everything I just said.