Jeanine Centuori and Urban Rock Design

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We believe in the power of telling stories through public art.

Our public art projects weave perception, narrative, and the meanings of site together with graphics-imbedded materiality.  Themes are generated from site-specific program, environment, and/or ecology.  We look for hinging concepts that hold dual meanings in order to deepen the connection to place.   By combining various forms of representation including maps, photographs, and drawings we formulate ideas in an expanded sense.  Working with strategies of lateral associations across knowledge systems, we craft artworks that are both poignant and playful.

We seek to create holistic environments in which art is infused into surfaces and forms.  Our projects laminate artwork components onto the skins of environmental envelopes.  Works are often comprised of multiple elements that operate sequentially or collectively to connect large and small-scale gestures.  Our artworks are often experienced over an expanse of a walkway or are seen from various view angles.  These vignettes form a spatial work.

The artwork uncovers alternate meanings through shifts in perception, scale, and imagery.  A variety of techniques are employed that are synchronized with the viewer’s speed of movement and/or point of view.  Embodied experience linked with ephemeral and invisible dimensions of place yield visceral and continued interest in repeat viewings.

Our techniques include hybrid forms of low and high technologies that combine drawing with laser cutting, CNC milling, and other digital fabrication modalities.  Our artmaking process often alternates between hand crafted drawings, photography, and digital fabrications.  Throughout the design process, we make full-scale mock-ups that test relationships between imagery, material, and perception.